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We’re pretty sure that if anyone knows how to cook a perfect pasta, that must be Italians. But what pasta would perfect without the noodles, the cheese… and the shrimp?

Making a grilled and roasted, BBQ styled dish with shrimp as the main ingredient is definitely an American way! Enjoy this one with the Parmesan cheese, basil and oregano used to spice it up!

Becoming a professional Chef was definitely one of the hardest decisions in my life and one of the toughest studying processes that I have ever gone through… But after all these trials & errors and after 12 months of “tough love” from the tutoring Chefs, I was rewarded finally, with a Sous Chef position at Hartford’s highest rated French restaurant!

Annabelle Mayers

 Salt And Pepper Shrimp

Yep, as simple as it sounds, this Brazilian way of cooking shrimp (which they often apply to other seafood as well) is a) delicious and crusty and b) quick to cook!

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